With the first self-earned money he bought the legendary Technics 1210 turntables, and since then he could not be separated from the turntables.

After a year learning phase and great enthusiasm for music, he got his first booking, which immediately led to a resident contract.

At the age of 20, Tom Silver signed on to the "Austria DJ Team", followed by bookings all over Austria.

In 1998 he was discovered by a club manager in Italy and got a his next contract for 6 months. many other clubs from Switzerland were aware of him and so he signed another one-year resident contracts.

After the successful time in Switzerland, the famous Club P1 Austria engaged DJ Tom Silver and brought him to Vienna.

In 2004 DJ Tom Silver became his next resident in the most famous club in Austria Babenberger Passage and remained loyal to for 11 years.

A short time later he was also resident DJ, DJ Booker and coordinator of the largest gastro-clubbing in Austria, called Bar, Babes & Bouncers, which takes place in Vienna 3 to 4 times a year on a Monday and up to 1,600 people from Gastro and Night shop excited.

Legendary was also his time as a resident DJ in "Empire" Vienna 2007 to 2009 where he made the club a highlight within a few months.

2010 - 2014 Tom Silver and Benny Basarati were responsible for the development of Med & Law Clubbings, which are now taking place in several cities in Austria and Germany.

At the end of 2013, Tom Silver teamed up with the Bettelalm to establish a Monday Club. This resulted in the successful "Monday Affairs" series which is still considered the hotspot every Monday.

Another event Tom Silver had a big part in is the Alpha Clubbing in the Uniqua Tower, which takes place approximately every 2 months.

Tom Silver is currently playing regularly in well-known clubs in Austria with monthly bookings, also abroad.In 2010 the first remix "Snow Angel" was released for the Swedish DJ & producer Paul Forsberg. In 2015 Tom Silver produced "I can’t say goodbye" with the soul singer Ola Egbowon. The track was released on Tom Novy's label Noveau Niveau. 2019 Tom Silver had several Gigs in Ibiza at Tantra, Guarana and Swag Club with more to come…..

Discographie international
Ibiza: Tantra, Swag, Guarana
Dubai: Club Sensation
Turkey: M2B by MTV (Mission 2 Beach)
Switzerland: Resident Arena, Chateau Liperswil
Italy: Resident La Murin

Angelahnt Productions
2004 - ongoing: BBB (Bar, Babes & Bouncers) Resident DJ, Booker und Coordinator

Discografie national

2018 - ongoing Das Fritz - Weiden am See
2015 - ongoing Half Moon, Remembar, Work-a-Tonic, Volksgarten, Goodmann´s
2013 - 2015 Vienna: Resident "Box", Resident "Alpha"
2004 - 2016 Vienna: Resident Babenberger Passage
2002 - 2004 Vienna: Resident P1
2001 - 2002 Vienna: Cube / Sansibar
1996 - 2000 Dornbirn: Stern, Austria DJ Team
1995 - 1996 Innsbruck: Resident Flip
1993 - 1995 Innsbruck: Hollywood

Bookings national


Street Parade, Volksgarten, U4, Pratersauna, Chaya Fuera, Camera, Palffy, Club Schwarzenberg, Scotch, The Box, Club Couture, Praterdome, Kursalon Hübner, Phönix Supperclub, Partyhouse, Moulin Rouge, Take 5, Dock nr. 5, Moody´s, Ride Club, Babu, Red Room, Roxy, Palais Auersperg, Ottakringer Brauerei, Hochriegl, Empire, Platzhirsch, Elysium, Moulin Rouge, Alpha Club, K47, Tom´s Club, S-Club, Lutz club, Gnadenlos, P11, ... uvm.

Fete Blanche / 2012 (Casinoplatz, Velden), Fete Blanche / 2010 (Congress, Pörtschach), Lakes (Pörtschach), Fabrik (Saag)

Kuttolinsky, Orange, Bur, GMD, Murinsel

Upper Austria:
Kolosseum, Beluga, Remembar, Heaven(U-Hof), Lusthouse (Haag),

Premium Beats Festival (Playcastle Seefeld), Hollywood, Hofgarten, Blue Chip, Antico, Countdown, Clima, Flip, Baustell, Sagenhaft, (Innsbruck), Bawa Lounge (Fügen), La Tosca (Reutte)

Lower Austria:
Zick Zack Club, Mephisto (Wr.Neustadt), Zweiraum (Wr.Neustadt) Melkerkeller (Baden)

Half Moon uvm.


2021 Dance All Night (Senssual Records Ibiza)
Step Into It (Senssual Records Ibiza)
Not Today (Senssual Records Ibiza)
Get Down (Senssual Records Ibiza)
2020 can´t you see ft Lola Pour (Senssual Records Ibiza)
2015 I can´t say goodbye ft. Ola Egbowon (Noveau Niveau Records)


2010 Snow Angel - Remix for DJ & Producer Paul Forsberg (swe)


Mark Knight, Benni Benassi, Global Deejays, Timbaland, Phatts & Small, JCA, Westbam, Jonathan Ulysses, Darren Bailie (Guru Josh Project) Mark Brain, DJ Farock, DJ Teddy O, DJ Ammo, Joe T. Vanelli, Dj Antoine, Arno Cost, CJ Stone uvm...